Raw cacao powder (300 g)

Raw cacao powder is the basic, most important ingredient for making chocolate, whether it is dark, milk or white chocolate. While chocolate may have numerous health benefits for you depending on the type you eat, it should still be eaten sparingly because it can be high in added fat and sugar. Raw cacao powder can be used in place of chocolate in drinks as well as baked goods, adding a rich taste and the nutritious benefits of chocolate with less sugar and fat.

It has undergone minimal processing, but much of the natural fat found in cacao beans, the cocoa butter, is removed, so the powder is relatively low in fat.

Cacao powder can be added to a variety of baked goods. You can also mix in a tablespoon or two of raw cacao with juices or smoothies, or try sprinkling it on top of frozen yogurt for a healthy way to add chocolate flavor.

Country of origin: Peru