Can you imagine which wild gastronomic pleasure can be offered by snacks that contain soft green spruce tips or powerful rowan berries?

Which abundant tastes can be created by dainty ramson or spicy oregano?

What kind of vitality is hidden in sturdy goutweed leaves and first nettle leaves in spring?

Nature is smart. Nature has everything that enables us to be healthy and creative. Let yourself be inspired!

We produce handmade raw sweets and savoury snacks created in cooperation with Mother Nature and South-Estonian farmers.

Our products are:

  • pleasantly crispy and full of taste
  • 100% natural and full of nutrients
  • made from the best local seasonal raw material
  • full of nature’s wisdom and power thanks to carefully picked wild plants
  • free of additives
  • dried at low temperature
  • without refined sugar
  • free from gluten and lactose
  • produced with sustainable methods

Our raw snacks are perfect:

  • as a unique and attractive gift for someone special
  • instead of candy for anyone, without feeling guilty!
  • for children as a healthy introduction into the world of sweets
  • as enriching supplement to a snack platter with high-quality cheeses
  • as a snack with nice wine or beer
  • as a beautiful garnish on salads and soups
  • as a quick bite between classes or at work – our mind evaluates nutrient-rich food!