Our story

Naat ja Naeris OÜ was established in October 2014. The company is characterised by green world view, love for pure local food and conscious use of wild herbs (or so-called weeds).

The beginning…

In autumn 2014 when freezers were full of nature’s treasures, but we wished to store more for the winter, the dehydrator entered our lives, inspiring us to try new raw materials and tastes. The raw snacks made for our family and friends were received with such curiosity and appreciation that we were inspired to start a more extensive production of  handmade snacks.

Raw snacks and raw buckwheat muesli

As of October 2014, we produce handmade raw sweets and savoury snacks created in cooperation with Mother Nature and South-Estonian farmers. We have added hand picked wild herbs such as goutweed, nettle, ramson, rowan berries, spruce tips and, depending on the snack, also various healthy seeds, raw buckwheat and coconut flakes.

We are the first company in Estonia that started making raw buckwheat muesli flavoured by warming ginger, healthy seeds and dried forest fruit.

Raw chocolate

As of 2016 we are also producing handmade raw chocolate. We launched a new product called ŠokoNautlus  – a chunk of raw chocolate on a wooden spoon which can be stirred into warm milk and enjoyed as hot chocolate or eaten on its own. We also make chocolate truffles, candy and bars, and organise raw chocolate workshops for children and adults.

Our store

In the summer of 2017 we opened our own store in Tartu (Rüütli 4) where it’s possible to buy our products without packaging (in your own container). You can also enjoy coffee from ecologically grown coffee beans (also with oat or soy milk), raw chocolate, herbal teas, smoothies, etc.

In the future…

…we would like to develop lactose/gluten free foods as well as be available with our products via our web shop and elsewhere in the world.

mkl-017Read more about us in the article of a daily newspaper Postimees

Wishing you pleasant journeys and discoveries in the world of flavours!

Naat ja Naeris OÜ

Margaret Neithal, Mari-Liis Viirsalu ja Ingrid Mardisoo