Raw chocolate lollie


Raw chocolate lollie (13 g)
Unbelievable – it looks and tastes like real chocolate, but actually… It is sweetened with low GI coconut palm sugar and carob powder. Also, the lollie contains half-and-half of raw cocoa powder and carob powder, as the latter doesn’t contain any caffeine, thus being more suitable for children.

No preservatives or additives or anything unnatural 🙂


Ingredients: ecological raw cocoa butter, coconut palm sugar, ecological raw cocoa powder, ecological carob powder

Nutritional value per 100 g:

energy 2413 kJ/580 kcal; fat 42 g (of which saturates 27 g); carbohydrates 42.8 g (of which sugars 30.7 g); protein: 5,7 g; salt 0.03 g; fibre: 9.9 g
Magnesium 81.5 mg (21.7% of reference intake of average adult*)
Iron 2.4 mg (17%*)
Manganese 0.63 mg
Phosphorus 119.8 mg (17%)
Potassium 330.8 (16.5%)
Copper 1.09 µg (100%)
Vitamin K 11.8 mg (15.8%)